This image is the cover for the book Come Alive

Come Alive

Come Alive helps readers find their passion in order to live the live they are meant to live.

In Come Alive, transformation coach Jodi Hadsell combines her twenty years of experience in talent and career development with ten years of mind-body coaching to teach how to:

Identify one’s true talents and gifts to let their brilliance emergeIdentify one’s biggest challenges and use them to their advantageRemove fears and build self-confidence like never beforeUncover one’s true desires and translate them into a fulfilling lifeTrust that it is never too late to find true passion

Jodi Hadsell

Jodi Hadsell has spent her entire career in service to helping people improve their lives. For over twenty years, she worked in corporate learning and development where she trained and coached employees in some of the largest technology companies in the world, including EDS, Apple, AT&T, and SAP. In addition, Jodi founded a boutique staffing agency in San Francisco, Muses, Inc., where she was the Head Talent Advocate, focusing on the desires and passions of the talent to find their ideal jobs. She currently resides in Dallas, TX.

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