This image is the cover for the book Reborn to be an Evil Consort, Volume 3

Reborn to be an Evil Consort, Volume 3

Her rebirth is all about revenge.

An emperor's announcement forced her to be cheesy niece when she was a noble daughter of the prime minister. The noble maid of the prime minister's family forced her to marry him. She sincerely helped him for five years and lead him to be noble. However, he said she has an evil spirit, he destoryed her face and poisoned her. She had been put into prison for five years. Finally, she got the result that her son died tragically. The fire burnt her to death. She was not reconciled to die that way. Then she reborn with hatred. She swore that she is going to revenge. Her father treated her like nothing. Her sibling framed to bad situation.

In this life, she said, she is going to be an evil consort but a virtuous wife. She is absolutely ready to disturb the world. Let's see who is about to win.

☆About the Author☆

Feng qing. She is a famous online novelist. She does well in romance novels. The characters in her novels are delicate and vivid. The plots are no delay. Both the stories and writing are great. She gets plenty of fans.

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