This image is the cover for the book Treasure in Heaven: Live, Love, and Prosper

Treasure in Heaven: Live, Love, and Prosper

Many people don’t understand how and why they make financial decisions. Most people believe the financial decisions they make today are separate from the spiritual results tomorrow. There is no spiritual savings account, checking account, or payment plan. Financial decision making often reflects the condition of the heart, mind, and soul.

Most people believe in financial shortcuts. They believe they can ‘hit the jackpot,’ ‘strike oil,’ ‘hit the mother lode,’ and that ‘our ship has come in.’ All those expressions represent an immediate expectation of wealth and prosperity. Many people believe that once wealth and prosperity are received, then satisfaction, happiness, and peace soon follow. Our daily decision-making can impact our spiritual savings. We should consider: What are our resources? Where does the Lord fit into our financial planning? How do I measure success?

In Treasure in Heaven: Live, Love, and Prosper, the author explores how people make decisions. This book encourages people to engage in vertical communication with the Lord to improve the financial results in their lives. It encourages self-examination and the creation of a new definition of success and wealth.

Christal Arthur

Christal Arthur was born and raised in the rural Midwest. Raised on a family farm with 11 siblings, she is grateful for her family, educational opportunities, and her work associates who showed good work ethic, integrity, and sincerity in their approach to life.

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