This image is the cover for the book Healing Power of Illness

Healing Power of Illness

This classic book, long out of print in English, challenges accepted ideas of illness by suggesting it’s not an enemy to be fought. When you see your symptoms as bodily expressions of psychological or spiritual conflicts, you can use them as guides to inner work. You can respond to troubles with infection, allergies, respiration, digestion, skin, nervous system, heart and circulation, sexuality and pregnancy, even accidents, with practical actions that heal the heart and mind.

Thorwald Dethfefsen, Ruediger Dahlke

Ruediger Dahlke was born July 24, 1951 in East Berlin and is best known for his many books and articles on health issues, translated into more than 20 languages. His work centers on psychosomatics, spiritual philosophy, nutrition, and the esoteric.

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