This image is the cover for the book Plan B

Plan B

A practical, sensible plan for finding the type of self-employment that suits you, and taking charge of your own future.

If you dream of getting out of job jail—or if a layoff has left you thinking about finally pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams—this easy-to-read guide shows you how to create a Plan B business that fits your skills, interests, and preferred work lifestyle.

You will learn the four ways to create an income when there aren’t any jobs available—or any jobs that interest you. Filled with stories of successes and failures, this practical book covers the good, the bad, and the ugly about each of the business models, so you can make smart decisions, avoid mistakes and pitfalls, and find a better alternative for a fulfilling life when Plan A just isn’t working for you anymore.

Kathleen Rich-New

On her way to becoming the accidental Plan B expert, Kathleen Rich-New, spent over 25 years working for companies including Apple Computer, Nortel and Silicon Graphics (SGI). She earned three degrees in business and none of them taught her what you will learn by reading Plan B.Kathleens path of entrepreneurship led her down many rabbit holes, as she founded Clarity Works Consulting and The Executive Womans Coach. The lessons learned on her journey, plus those of many other experts will show you how to find the right Plan B business for you…and you will be able to create it faster and easier, avoiding most of the rabbit holes.Kathleen is a frequent speaker, trainer, and consults on leadership, how to get more from the employees you have, and entrepreneurism. Her mission is to help you create and grow a successful Plan B business.

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