This image is the cover for the book Former Fat Boy

Former Fat Boy

Davey has settled into his role of Big Brother to Adam, the kid next door. He is happy with his comfortable, calm, no-drama daily routine. His weight is holding steady, and food is heathy and delicious. Life is good. Then the Benjamin house across the street is sold. The new owners of the house move in and with them – an angry Zulu boy whose only mission seems to be stirring up trouble and messing up Davey’s neatly ordered existence. Between Adam and the new kid, Davey’s stress level is at an all-time high. Add his perfect sister to the mix and it’s enough to lose his head and grab a chocolate bar. An unexpected accident, frenemies, Big Henry and the wild dogs, his last year of primary school is anything but relaxed.

Marétha Marais

Marétha Marais has been a prolific reader for the first 49 years of her life. When she turned 50, she decided to put her communications degree to good use and start writing children’s fiction. She is forever thankful to Nawaal D at Penguin Random House, who convinced her not to give up and finish the Creative Writing Short Course. This has led her to author Mike Nicol’s Masterclass. The Fat Boy series is inspired by her own and friends’ weight loss experiences and the realization of how little control children have over their parent’s food choices. Her first book, Fat Boy No More, was published in 2020. She is currently busy with the third and last installment in the series. When Marétha is not daydreaming up stories, she works as a Bids and Compliance Officer at a consulting engineering company on the West Rand where she does a lot of not so interesting reading and chasing tender deadlines.

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