This image is the cover for the book The Strongest Takeout System, Volume 6

The Strongest Takeout System, Volume 6

He was an ordinary dilivery man, and one day he was suddenly bound to the strongest takeout system. From then on, life was full of surprises like a turnover.

Wang Yu is a dilivery man. Although he works hard, he always has no luck. Sometimes he encountered elevator outages, so he had to take the stairs to take delivery. He had always encountered grumpy customers, and he could only endure in silence.

On this day, he encountered a bad elevator again. After climbing to the 30th floor, he was humiliated by the customer. He was really intolerable when he was angry. When he was about to quarrel with the customer, he heard a voice in his head saying: "The strongest takeout system is bound!"

Unexpectedly, he was suddenly tied to this strongest takeout system. Through this system, he will get reward points for each delivery, and if he reaches a certain standard, he will get a mysterious surprise. Is he really going to be lucky?

Jiang Nian, Babel Novel