This image is the cover for the book Forest Gods' Fight, The Forest Gods Series

Forest Gods' Fight, The Forest Gods Series

Teenage gods and humans join forces to battle Lord Hades and his armies of the Underworld in this breathtaking fantasy sequel.

In The Forest Gods’ Fight, the riveting sequel to The Forest Gods’ Reign, Athena, reincarnation of the Greek goddess of Wisdom and War, returns to her hometown from the corrupt Knowing camp, where believers in the myths live, after learning of personal attacks on her friends and fellow gods. Inconveniently, major problems await at her childhood home as well as in the gods’ beloved forest, and as the Olympians’ war with Hades reaches its climax, Athena is forced once again to confront the years-old prophecy head-on. But as the secret of the human hero Alec gnaws at her conscience, she pulls away from her friends just when they need her most. With the start of school only weeks away, time to win the war is dwindling, and the forest and its future have never before seemed so dark. Finally united with all the local mythical beings and the best Knowing Warriors, the gods are stronger than they’ve ever been. Always a page ahead, however, Athena can’t resist the chance to end the fight on her own, a decision that will ultimately end in either unquestionable victory or deadly destruction.

Alexandria Hook

Alexandria Hook began writing online on Wattpad, and her fans encouraged her to get published. Her fascination with the ancient Greeks and the Olympic pantheon inspired The Forest Gods’ Reign, her first venture into the world of publication at age fifteen, and now she’s delivered her second book, The Forest Gods’ Fight. When she’s not writing, Alexandria enjoys camping, playing reverse hide-and-seek, snuggling with her cat, and equestrian competition.

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