This image is the cover for the book Am I Dead Again?

Am I Dead Again?

Blood pooling on a tiled floor. A definite feeling of having been there before. Visions of an assassin’s deadly blade striking her back in an Egyptian villa thousands of years ago. Unexplained coincidences mark a story that transports you from Sumeria to Egypt, to early Native America and India. The timelines are different but are some things the same? Why must she remember? Jessie, a modern-day musician is doing her best to unravel the threads that draw her backwards into the far past. Then her present starts to mirror that past in unexpected ways and the unsettling drama and confusion mount as the past rises up to meet her.
She meets a stranger and is immediately enchanted. This stranger, though, is not unknown to her. Somehow, she remembers him. Later, another stranger will invite her to visit Rome. There, she will find more questions to ask. She will have choices to make that could influence not just her life but others’ as well. And perhaps save a few.
Along the way, she will have help from disembodied spirits, a nasty little fly and hot-blooded lovers. Psychic and magical, she shows us the way by going through it with a sense of profound humour and courage.

Karin H. Kerr

Am I Dead Again? is Karin H. Kerr’s first full-length novel, but it is not her first venture in writing. At the University of Calgary, she produced and edited television newsmagazine programs. She wrote and delivered stimulating backgrounders as a radio DJ. She scripted several video productions for private enterprises. She prepared a weekly column about country music artists. She has recently written a children’s book. She’s also been in several rock and roll bands, sings in a choir, and teaches piano and guitar. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature, a diploma in radio and television arts and is certified in multimedia.

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