This image is the cover for the book Devil CEO Comes Unexpectedly, Volume 1

Devil CEO Comes Unexpectedly, Volume 1

The talented and beautiful Su Wubai coincidentally bumped into the president of the demon race, Mu Rong Ao Tian. From then on, their lives were entangled together. She had always thought that she only felt hatred towards him, but she didn't know when it started, but she discovered that she had gradually fallen in love with him. The moment of confession was the beginning of separation. She had been caught up in a long and deep grudge, imprisoned, escaped, over and over again. The pain of clearly loving each other yet not being able to protect each other tormented them. The journey was bound to be bumpy. They would miss each other again and again, and all the suffering and suffering seemed impossible to transcend. Love had to be so difficult, even difficult, to take even a single step. After being tested again and again, would they still continue to love each other?

Mo Yi, Lemon Novel