This image is the cover for the book Can a Renewal Movement Be Renewed?

Can a Renewal Movement Be Renewed?

There is no doubt that ecumenism occupies a prominent place in the history of the church in the twentieth century: countless churches have been renewed through encounter with Christian sisters and brothers in other confessions and cultures. But it is not clear that this ecumenical impulse will continue to figure prominently in the church’s story.

In this book Michael Kinnamon argues that the ecumenical movement, which has given such energy and direction to the church, needs to be reconceived in a way that provides renewing power for the church in this era — and he shows how this might happen. He names the problems with ecumenism, identifies strengths and accomplishments upon which the church now can build, and suggests practical, concrete steps we can take in the direction of revitalization, especially at the local level.

Michael Kinnamon

Michael Kinnamon is the Spehar-Halligan Visiting Professorof Ecumenical Collaboration in Interreligious Dialogue atSeattle University's School of Theology and Ministry. Amonghis other books is The Vision of the EcumenicalMovement and How It Has Been Impoverishedby Its Friends.

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