This image is the cover for the book Legend of Ekarto: The Stones Arise

Legend of Ekarto: The Stones Arise

An exciting, lovable story about kingdoms, empires, war, and a family broken apart. Ekarto, a young man from the poor Silk Village is determined to find out if the Kingdom of Eldonville is truly a real civilisation, a powerful dynasty only told in rumours and tales. With his trusty friend Ayron, they go to satisfy Ekarto’s curiosity and lo and behold Eldonville is a real kingdom! And Ekarto is the heir! But they also find out a horrible truth. As Prince of Eldonville, Ekarto must avenge his father of his death and put an end to his uncle, Emperor Okoto, who killed his father Okarto for the throne. But how can he if Okoto has such enormous power? All that is left with the Spirits who guide Ekarto and his friends through an adventure of new friendships, battles, finding long-lost family, and an empire sought out to destroy Ekarto. Can Okarto be avenged? Will Ekarto survive? Could Okoto finally get rid of all his hurdles and be the king he truly wanted to be?

Iffat Bhuiyan

Iffatzaman Bhuiyan was born in Rome and moved to London. He is a creative and ambitious teenager who studies in secondary school. His interests include drawing, writing, composing music and history and culture. When he’s not writing, he tends to draw, make and/or listen to music, play games (mostly flight simulators and historical shooters) or scour the internet for Italian courses (he has forgotten it all). He lives with his parents, his twin brother and his elder sister. And whilst he has no pet, he either dreams of having a cat, a hawk, or a Royal Bengal tiger (because why not).

Austin Macauley Publishers