This image is the cover for the book Divorce and Conquer, Conquering Divorce

Divorce and Conquer, Conquering Divorce

This is it. The first in the three part Conquering Divorce series. A chapter each on finding the right lawyer for you, what to expect in the interview process and what you should look for in the lawyer’s contract will save you time, stress and thousands of dollars in legal fees. You get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the court process, all of the delays, and what you should expect (and not expect) from your lawyer and the judge. There is straight talk about the basics like custody actions, mediation, trials, support, starting to date, and even how to act when you see your estranged spouse or their lawyer out in public. The information within will ease your anxiety, insecurity and frustration during a crucial and scary time. Read it cover to cover.

R. Ray Brooks

R. Ray Brooks has been a soldier, prosecutor and for the last thirty-four years, a trial lawyer specializing in divorces and family law cases. During his career, he represented both men and women in cases involving custody and visitation, property divisions, and child support and alimony. He has been an invited seminar speaker and an accepted expert witness in the field of contested attorney’s fees as well as a three time elected member of the family law section board of directors in Hillsborough County Florida. He is now the author of the three part “Conquering Divorce” series. Yes, he understands divorce on many levels being divorced himself. He now lives in Georgia with his wife and two dogs.

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