This image is the cover for the book Treps and His Night-Time Adventures

Treps and His Night-Time Adventures

Treps is a boy with a secret hidden deep...
Every night Treps goes on an adventure. He changes from the boy that he is during the day. Where will he go tonight? What does he experience? Let’s go with him to find out!

Elaine O Donnell

Elaine is a primary school teacher in Dublin with a Master of Education degree and is a mum to three young children. ‘Treps’ was born out of Elaine’s experience promoting reading both in the classroom and to her three young kids. Her first-hand experience sees how children positively engage with stories that rhyme, have a sense of magic and have humour. Her love of educating radiates from her writing as it is her intention that children will subliminally learn facts while being engaged in the adventure!