This image is the cover for the book Lifeline


The tendency toward mayhem that follows Jack McMorrow like a shadow finally sends his girlfriend Roxanne fleeing to the relatively stable urban center of Portland, leaving Jack to nurse a sore heart and mull an ultimatum alone in the wilds of Maine. In an effort to clean up his act, Jack takes a job as a courthouse reporter for the Kennebec Observer. What seems like a safe choice becomes dangerous when Jack is drawn into a domestic abuse case that leaves a woman dead and McMorrow tangled in a messy web of innuendo, conflicted emotions, and mortal danger. It’s time for Jack to grow up, but can he do it? Is it his destiny to follow his subjects into a life of rancor and violence, or will he be able to escape the call of his darker side and find some measure of peace?

Gerry Boyle

Like many crime novelists, Gerry Boyle began his writing career in newspapers—the best training ground ever. After graduating from Colby College, Gerry knocked around, including stints as a roofer, a postman, and a manuscript reader at a New York publisher. His first reporting job was at a weekly in the paper mill town of Rumford, Maine. After a few months it was on to the (Waterville, Maine) Morning Sentinel, where editors learned early on that he worked best when left to his own devices. He wrote about stuff he saw in police stations, courtrooms, in the towns and cities of Maine. That experience led to Deadline, his first novel in 1993. With an assist from Robert B. Parker, Gerry landed a top-flight literary agent and begin to steadily write books starring Jack McMorrow and drawing upon his experiences as a crime reporter. In May 2015, Once Burned will become the 10th book in the Jack McMorrow Mystery series. Gerry lives in central Maine.

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