This image is the cover for the book War Soul Transformation, Volume 1

War Soul Transformation, Volume 1

Heaven gave birth to Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang gave birth to dragons and phoenixes, and a hundred and eight bloodlines were born under the Dragon Phoenix Supreme Bloodline. These bloodlines were divided into thirty-six Sky Dipper Bloodlines and seventy-two Earth Terminus Bloodlines. The Sky Demon race from another plane had attempted to rule the Beast Soul Continent and launched three wars of aggression. At the same time, three Soul Saints had appeared on the Beast Soul Continent, leading the group in a successful defense. These three soul saints were the spirit race saints, the demon race saints, and the human race saints. The fourth war of Sky Demons was secretly launched … Half-step Soul Holy Phoenix from the Beast Soul Continent resisted the Heavenly Demon Clan alone. Being bewitched by the Heavenly Demon, she did not hesitate to fuse with the souls of the three spirit demon races …

Shao Guangxiajiu, Babel Novel