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Cross and Crescent

Is the Muslim my neighbor? For increasing numbers of Christians, the answer to that question is yes. The crescent, an emblem of the Islamic faith recognized throughout the world, is gaining prominence in the West, bringing with it the collision of worldviews. When the cross meets the crescent, what ought to happen? In the newly revised classicCross and Crescent, Colin Chapman brings remarkable sensitivity and humanity to a question that too often incites hostility and suspicion. He introduces Islam in its historical context, its theological assumptions and, most important, its common practice in the West. In this comprehensive, gracious introduction to Islam, you will meet the Muslims in your community and learn how to love these neighbors as yourself.

Colin Chapman

Colin Chapman is lecturer in Islamic studies at the Near East School of Theology in Beirut. A former principal of Crowther Hall, Birmingham (the Church Mission Society training college), he also worked for thirteen years previously in Egypt and Lebanon with CMS. He is also the author of Whose Promised Land?.

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