This image is the cover for the book Welcome to My Fabulous Sh*tshow

Welcome to My Fabulous Sh*tshow

Welcome to My Fabulous Sh*tshow embraces the power of being yourself and yielding your sword of soul to conquer the battlefield that is life as a woman and a mother. It pays tribute to the amazing super troopers in your life who not only love and support you but are in the trenches just in case you call for backup. They will catch you, prop you up and send you back out to battle in your gorgeous stilettos! Armed with eyelash and hair extensions plus a splash of impatience that only a single woman can have whilst juggling kids and a career, this book takes delight in showcasing how being in your mid-40s can also mean that you are in your prime time and life is only just beginning. Learn how self-discovery is a journey for the brave or for those who like to cringe. Was it through trying to work out a brand after being described as Bridget Jones meets Carrie Bradshaw? Is it from becoming a newly appointed student of the universe (with Google as a professor) or testing the philosophies of drama and love or even seeking answers about parallel universes? Perhaps it was trying to find answers from undertaking a sexual energy cleanse, rebuilding an ‘empire’ after having a squashed heart or is it the struggle to date men of the same age. This fabulous sh*tshow takes a humorous and curious look at living beyond your expectations and at how things in life just happen as they are supposed to.

Mel W

A single mother raising her two young sons in Sydney, Australia, Mel W is also the author of The Single Mother Trying Not to F*ck Up Life, a podcast and website host of The Single Mother’s Guide to the Galaxy, formally a casual writer with the Sydney Sentinel and now Managing Director of Mel W & Co, an online dating profile consultancy service. Mel W continues to live without fear of retribution for being fabulously witty.

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