This image is the cover for the book Phenomena on earth, Volume 3

Phenomena on earth, Volume 3

Formless phase, the birth of all things, this was a world where the law of phase was respected. Vein beasts and taboo beasts filled the entire continent, including the North Mountain and the West Sea, and the South Sen East Desert. After Nie Xinghe died, he teleported to the Myriad Appearance Continent. He wanted to see the people he had betrayed in the past. In order to protect them, he had taken the ancient emperor as his master and dominated the entire Myriad Manifestation Continent. Realm division and corresponding titles: Pure Yuan Realm (Cultivator), Emptiness Realm (Emptiness Realm), Void Realm (King's Realm), Void Stage (Honored Scholar), and Great Space Stage (Emperor's Realm)

Xi Feng, Babel Novel