This image is the cover for the book Princess Substitute, Volume 4

Princess Substitute, Volume 4

The rebellious girl who loved the carriage as if it were her life, Xiao Can Can, was traversed through a conspiracy. Their mistress had followed the path of the transmigration; but she had become a substitute for the princess without any discussion; the worst of it was that the princess suffered from a severe personality disorder that caused her to jump up and down in her transmigration; that she was now the noble Princess of Congyang, domineering and arrogant; that she became the leading girl of the music building; and that even the dangerous Martial Arts Competition in the river and lake needed her intervention. If this continues, when will it be the end of us?Faced with so many suitors, Xiao Zhan was extremely annoyed and conflicted.Seeing that the emperor's gaze towards her had become increasingly passionate, Xiao Can't help but panic. "Big brother emperor, I'm your younger sister now. Do you want to restrain yourself?"Even the father and son from the Martial Lin Family wanted to get entangled with her. Oh, my God, what is this all about?It was said that women chased after men, but she worked so hard, so why was this sultry man like a mischievous stone?What kind of story exactly happened between the Immortal Concubine and the First Emperor from the year before Seventeen? Was Princess Ziyang really split in two? Why did she choose to be a girl instead of a proper princess?There were many princes and princes in the First Emperor, as well as princes and princes; why did the son of concubine Su Zhen become the emperor in the end?Was the Immortal Concubine's funeral a man-made event or an imperial decree?Was the mysterious person who had been commanding Princess Congyang from behind the scenes a human or a ghost?When the truth was revealed, where would Xiao Can's life go?

Qu Huoshui, Fancy Novel