This image is the cover for the book The Little Raindrop

The Little Raindrop

The Little Raindrop was inspired by the author on an October morning, while he and his young boy, were waiting for the morning school bus when raindrops started to fall. The book pictures the answer to children's question "How is the rain made" in a funny, charming, and adventurous manner, while at the same time conveying the message of how valuable water is to our planet Earth but also how important and what wonderful things we can achieve with our friends if we embrace and help each other. The guest star, The Little Raindrop, starts her journey from her grey cloud up in the sky, falls to the surface of the Earth, then is carried away by the river in picturesque places, discovers new friends, plays around with bees and swans, before starting its return back to the sky in an "unexpected" way. The Little Raindrop with its accessible, dynamic, and engaging language throughout, manages to captivate its young readers, making this a story that children could share aloud with their guardians.

Aris Xenofos

Aris I. Xenofos was born on October 1st, 1963 in Kefalonia, the largest western island in Greece, located in the Ionian Sea, between Greece and Italy. In 1966 he moved with his parents to Zakynthos, an Ionian island to the south of Kefalonia where he stayed until the end of his elementary school years, before moving permanently to Athens. Xenofos is married with two children. He is an economist in the profession, a former horse-riding athlete, and a Karate trainer. The Little Raindrop is his first children’s book inspired by his two sons.

Asutin Macauley Publishers