This image is the cover for the book 7 Secrets of Extraordinary Investors

7 Secrets of Extraordinary Investors

Every day, most investors are making decisions that are sure to bring them ordinary results. They are on the road to financial mediocrity because they make the same mistakes that everyone else makes—they spend too much, invest poorly, and receive poor advice. They know the price of their favorite stock, but they have no idea what their ideal financial future costs. There are also investors who are extraordinary. They make wise decisions, and they get superior results. They know that their financial house is in order, and they have a process for keeping it that way. They have confidence about the future because they listen to advice from the right people. The 7 Secrets of Extraordinary Investors shows investors seven simple ideas that are hidden in plain sight. Through an unusual mix of common sense and academic research, this book shows a straightforward path that can help you to achieve all that is important to you during and beyond your lifetime.

William G. Hammer, Walter Timoshenko

Bill Hammer, Jr. is a wealth management and investment expert who works with successful business owners, high and ultra high net worth families, and non-profit organizations. He has been quoted on Fox Business, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Dow Jones, Newsday, and Trusts and Estates Magazine. He is President of Hammer Wealth Group in Melville, New York. Bill lives in Locust Valley, New York with his beautiful wife, Emma.

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