Fair Coin

When you have magic on your side, anything is possible. At least that’s what Ephraim Scott thinks when he first discovers the unusual coin that grants his wishes. With it Ephraim overhauls his troubled home life and also his nonexistent love life. He even tries to help his friends with their problems.

But every wish comes with a twist. Each flip of the coin gives Ephraim what he wants, but bad things happen too--ripples of dark consequences he doesn’t intend and can’t predict. The more Ephraim tries to fix the situation, the worse it gets. The people closest to him are changing in terrible ways and Ephraim must figure out how to harness the coin’s power before anyone gets hurt…or worse.

Fair Coin is the winner of the 2012 Andre Norton Award and was a finalist for both the 2013 British Fantasy Award and the 2013 Compton Crook Award.

E. C. Myers

JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.