This image is the cover for the book Arrogant CEO Bullies His Wife, Volume 4

Arrogant CEO Bullies His Wife, Volume 4

In the past, she was a Thief Lord, and specially took the money from rich families to steal things, but every time she made a mistake, she would fall into his hands, and from then on, Gu Ruoqing lived a life worse than death. She had been lucky to meet him, and he had made her a happy woman in the eyes of all the women of the world. When she had met him, she had felt pain. He had turned her into a woman who would rather die than live, and his body and mind had suffered a great deal of damage. "He walked towards her with graceful strides, looking down at her from above as she curled up into a ball." "If you dare to run again, I'll kill you."

Shi XinFeng, Lemon Novel