This image is the cover for the book The Curse Is Lifted

The Curse Is Lifted

This third book in the series ties up all the loose ends. The Curse is Lifted is about George William, the son of George Southerly – the late Earl of Wetherley – and a laundry maid named Freda Prout. The young woman and her infant son were discovered by Dorothia Mountjoy in the workhouse, and she rescued them and sent them to Hampshire before her husband-to-be could discover they were still alive. She told Adam that the woman and child (his half-brother) were dead; it was a lie that cost Dorothia her life.
When George William reached the age of 21, he discovered that he had in trust a large amount of money. The bringers of the news would not disclose to George who his benefactor was, so he set about discovering the facts for himself. His mother, Freda, was worried that George would discover the evil blood that flowed in his veins and also feared that money might turn his head. She did not want her son to know her full history but could see that it was not going to be possible to hide his birth details from him forever. The hunt takes George William to Weston-Under-Wetherley and strangers who know his secret. Will he emulate his evil father or will he follow the lead of his gentle stepfather?

Sylvie Gallimore

Sylvie Gallimore was born in Bristol, England at the end of the 1940s. She has been married for over 50 years and is a mother of three sons and has four grandchildren, all boys. Both her parents were originally from Hampshire, an area in England that is close to her heart. Her latest book The Curse Is Lifted takes the reader to the places in Hampshire that she enjoyed visiting as a child and also in later life. The actual setting for the book, Netley Edge,  is fictional.  Like all writers, she has chosen to write about places she knows fairly well.

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