This image is the cover for the book The Adventures of Ruby the Cockapoo

The Adventures of Ruby the Cockapoo

Ethan and Lexi are five-year-old twins who get their first puppy at Christmas. Ruby is a playful eight-week-old cockapoo. Mum and Dad encourage the twins to take Ruby out everywhere with them. So they have fabulous days out together. Ruby learns lots of new things in her first year with her forever family. She has hidden in the Christmas wrapping paper, was unsure about talking to the Billy Goats, chased next door's cat, licked strawberries in the fruit farms, and been on a plane to meet new relatives in their safari park in Africa. She's played in the muddiest of puddles, had her first haircut at the dog groomers, and finally, has her first birthday party! She's been a busy little puppy in her first year, and she's very happy to look after the twins and have lots more adventures with them as she grows up.

Sue Tate

Cheshire-based office worker, Sue Tate, who now works from her home. She enjoys her summers visiting different parts of the country in her motorhome with her husband and Ruby, her Cockapoo. As she has recently retired, this is Sue’s first toe dip into writing and she has thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As for most of her working life, her main duties have been in the finance sector. So when her grandson started to read, it just seemed natural to jot down ideas for bedtime stories.