This image is the cover for the book Missing Persons, Reunion Revelations

Missing Persons, Reunion Revelations

Leave while you still can

The warning had been spray-painted on Lauren Owens's walls. And whoever had vandalized her house meant business. But Lauren couldn't—wouldn't—leave the Magnolia College campus. Not when she'd fi nally found her way back to Seth Chartrand, the single father who'd broken her heart years ago. And not when the cold-case murder everyone was talking about remained scarily unsolved—including the young woman's identity. Because Lauren had a sinking feeling she knew exactly who the victim was….

Shirlee McCoy

Aside from her faith and her family, there’s not much Shirlee McCoy enjoys more than a good book! When she’s not hanging out with the people she loves most, she can be found plotting her next Love Inspired Suspense story or trekking through the wilderness, training with a local search-and-rescue team. Shirlee loves to hear from readers. If you have time, drop her a line at

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