This image is the cover for the book Wake of War

Wake of War

In the future, the fate of America will be decided in a valley of death…

The year is 2037, and chaos reigns. The U.S. government is in the hands of a borderline fascist who rules a country that is falling apart. Economic collapse looms, whole populations are fleeing their homes, and the armed forces are caught in a seemingly helpless war. Their foe—their own countrymen.

The Revolutionist Front was borne of the government’s increasingly draconian actions. But the RF is equally extreme, run by a merciless megalomaniac determined to create his own version of America. Now, both armies find themselves in a stalemate in Salt Lake City, facing each other across a vital resource mine that could decide the outcome of the war.

In this maelstrom, three fighters will experience the horrors of war from different directions: a young, green infantryman about to receive his baptism of fire; a ruthless rebel sniper out to make her enemies pay for what they took from her; and a hardened mercenary being paid to protect the mine.

Each will be tested to the limits of their loyalties and personal honor. But none will emerge from the coming battle the same as when they walked into hell on earth…

"WAKE OF WAR is packed with intense, realistic combat action set in an all-too-believable near future. Zac Topping has clearly been there and done that, and he delivers riveting combat scenes that explode off of the page." - Michael Mammay, author of The Misfit Soldier

Zac Topping

Zac Topping grew up in Eastern Connecticut where, contrary to popular belief, it's not all trust funds and yacht clubs. He spent his formative years on the move, as some do, and it was in the fifth grade where he found an outlet for his active imagination through writing. After high school he joined the United States Army where he served in an artillery unit out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina for four and a half years with two tours in Iraq. He eventually found his way home to New England where he attended college and rediscovered his love of writing. To call it an obsession would be an understatement.

He currently lives with his wife in a quiet farm town in Connecticut, and is a fire fighter for the city he grew up in.

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