This image is the cover for the book The Black Rose

The Black Rose

A supernatural horror with a dark twist. Amethyst is a teenager with a terrifying secret. Why do strange things keep happening to her? Who is the haunting older girl in the mirror? Possessed by demons, she does not understand her circumstances. She embarks on a terrifying and psychological journey to solve the lifelong mystery.

Alisha Clarke

I have always loved writing stories in school and outside of school. Reading is my passion, it helps me cope with day-to-day struggles. I have a theatre background that I used to do at college, a lot of the time I was always the one to push myself to do better. Amethyst has shown me that mental health and abuse is a dangerous game and that its victims are not alone. I started writing this as an English essay which later turned into something bigger and better. I was born in a town called Wolverhampton but moved around most of my life. I was able to write about the religious beliefs because I had been taught them by my nana and I was taught that God is all-forgiving. I stopped believing in myself for a short period of time and amethyst helped me come to terms with who I really am.

Austin Macauley Publishers