This image is the cover for the book A Life of Alexander Campbell, Library of Religious Biography (LRB)

A Life of Alexander Campbell, Library of Religious Biography (LRB)

The first critical biography of Alexander Campbell, one of the founders of the Stone-Campbell Movement

A Life of Alexander Campbell examines the core identity of a gifted and determined reformer to whom millions of Christians around the globe today owe much of their identity—whether they know it or not. 

Douglas Foster assesses principal parts of Campbell’s life and thought to discover his significance for American Christianity and the worldwide movement that emerged from his work. He examines Campbell’s formation in Ireland, his creation and execution of a reform of Christianity beginning in America, and his despair at the destruction of his vision by the American Civil War. A Life of Alexander Campbell shows why this important but sometimes misunderstood and neglected figure belongs at the heart of the American religious story.

Douglas A. Foster

Douglas A. Foster is professor of church history anddirector of the Center for Restoration Studies at AbileneChristian University in Abilene, Texas.

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