This image is the cover for the book Mental Hacks

Mental Hacks

Hi, I am Eleanor. Not a psychologist, just an everyday person. I do consider myself different, however, in the sense that I am constantly thinking about how to use my mind to feel the best I possibly can. Some of the questions I have asked myself in the past have included: How can I use my memories to my advantage? How can I use the power of negative feelings to feel better? How can I be a person who feels good 99.9% of the time? How can I tap into the power of expectation and time? How can I be unaffected by others? How can I get back to the old me? How can I get my brain on my side? After observing the workings of my mind, I did receive my answers to these questions, and many others, and would like to share them with you in this book. Enjoy!

Eleanor Wilkins

From an early age, Eleanor Wilkins has always been fascinated by the workings of her mind. Her analysis of her own thoughts and feelings has enabled her to use her mind to feel the best that she possibly can and create the experiences she desires. After being highly praised by hundreds with her advice on self-help websites, she decided to write a book to safekeep her findings and help others.

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