This image is the cover for the book Shine


Ever wondered about the mystery of creation? Do you often feel like there’s more to life than what you’ve been told? There is! Dive deep into the magical stories of love, adversity and adventure. Join the journey of a Sun named Shine as he asks the Very First Question and is presented with a peculiar answer. Follow along with the adventure of a Magician and a Fairy Queen who intend to save their town by reminding the King that love is stronger than fear. Transform with a Secret Keeper who must decide if keeping secrets is his True Purpose and learn, ponder and explore universal concepts such as the Law of Attraction, the Chakras, the Star Signs, Intuition and the Elements as you discover things you didn’t know you knew!
Every single person on the planet has within themselves a unique gift, something valuable and priceless to share with the world. Let these poems remind you of what lies dormant within your heart. Be brave enough to accept your light and let…it…SHINE.
Something magical happens when you let your heart lead the way.

Nadia Iris

Nadia Iris (Mitsiaris) has written poetry all her life and has been inspired by great thinkers, wise sages and unconventional writers along her journey. She now passes that gift onto future creators as a teacher and mentor to young adults. There is a common thread that runs within each of her poems: a frequency of love, truth and oneness. She hopes that this book will awaken the shine in all of us.

Austin Macauley Publishers