This image is the cover for the book Junk Meditations

Junk Meditations

We live our everyday lives in stress, fear and constant desire for unattainable features. Even when we are able to attain them, our minds are still not calm, making it unbearable to go through life without emotional pain. Why is that? Is there a secret behind the way we perceive life? Is life only pain just like the Buddha says? Follow the author in his autobiographical journey to attain a shift in consciousness. Focusing on religion as a prime pillar of discussion, understand its relationship with science, language and how certain historical figures showed us the way but we never listened. Junk Meditations is a book about all the ideas and philosophies that were thrown in the garbage, hidden away from plain sight, or were translated by subjective ideologies to suit personal benefit. Are you ready to take the journey inside your emotional world?

Eraldo Lesko

The author, Eraldo Lesko, was born in Albania by Greek parents and lived there until he was six years old. In 1992, he moved to Greece with his family where he encountered a highly motivated spirit of racism until his teenage years. He studied mechanical engineering at the University of Chalkis; a choice which allowed him to visit Denmark for a year as an exchange student. Highly influenced by the northern European culture, the author returned to Greece with new visions and ideas. He took up contemporary and jazz dance classes which later led on to him becoming an aerobic and fitness instructor. In 2012, he left for the Netherlands with his wife where he spent one and a half year working in a factory and another two years working as a personal trainer. It was during this time that the author developed a high sensitivity to spiritual and religious matters as he and his wife were going through rough times. In 2016, they moved to the UK and have been living there since. The author is now an international presenter in the fields of aerobics and pilates as well as a sports therapist. His love for exercise and body health has only increased his love for spiritual and mental health as he thinks that the two are not separated from each other. Having lived in many countries and talking three languages fluently, and another two moderately, the author sees himself as a citizen of the world where we all belong without putting national tags upon himself as Greek or Albanian.

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