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Foreclosure Workbook

America's #1 Do-It-Yourself Foreclosure Prevention Resource! Across the nation, foreclosures are on the rise due to designer mortgages, rising debt ratios, & depressed housing markets. Most homeowners have no idea where to find basic, credible, & instructional information about the foreclosure process, or what to do when facing the time crunch before an auction. The Foreclosure Workbook is a revolutionary system that provides an unprecedented approach to foreclosure avoidance, protection, & survival. This workbook presents a proven step-by-step process that guides the homeowner through the hurdles of foreclosure, & presents critical information about state procedures, foreclosure protection legislation, con artists, options, & much more! This is the one-stop resource that homeowners need with easy to understand facts & processes for how to maneuver through the onslaught of mail they receive, fight off foreclosure scams, & organize & prepare a plan for saving their home & credit.

Carla Douglin

A foreclosure expert & author, Carla Douglin understands the financial burden many homeowners face when buying, maintaining or selling a home. Douglin became a foreclosure consultant after learning about the benefits & disadvantages of the new Maryland foreclosure law. Now the CEO of The Douglin Group leads foreclosure information seminars for homeowners & investors throughout the nation, & has been a featured guest on National Public Radio's ""Tell Me More"" with Michele Martin. Using her background as a corporate trainer, Douglin created a questionnaire to assist homeowners facing foreclosure to understand more about their own financial situation which evolved into a foreclosure manual, which became a workbook. The Foreclosure Workbook, provides an approach to foreclosure avoidance, protection & survival. While most books focus on how investors can benefit from buying a foreclosed property, Douglin aims to benefit the homeowner in keeping their home or choosing an alternative.

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