This image is the cover for the book Lily Girl's Christmas Quilt, Wine Country Quilt Series

Lily Girl's Christmas Quilt, Wine Country Quilt Series

The festive season takes hold of antique shop owner Lily Rosenthal and her family in this holiday mystery from the author of For the Love of Quilts.

In the second novel in Ann Hazelwood’s Wine Country Quilt Series, Lily celebrates her favorite time of year. Though she is eager to experience the Christmas traditions of the Wine Country, she cherishes each Christmas with her family. This year, the sisters celebrate in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which is the home of Lily’s sister, Loretta. The family receives the best Christmas present ever, which arrives on Christmas Day. Lily attempts new challenges by making a sampler Christmas quilt, but the real Christmas quilt she so admires is beyond her reach. Thanks to her Christmas gift from Alex, Lily’s new magazine column, Living with Lily Girl, becomes a writer’s dream come true.

Praise for Ann Hazelwood and her novels

“I found myself immersed in the tale of this extended family and this wonderful quaint town . . . You will laugh, cry and share in their hopes and dreams.” —Community News

“Ann Hazelwood knows a few things about the human spirit, family and dreaming big. Add a mixture of the love of quilting and all the things Missouri historic and otherwise; you will experience the words and passion of this unique and gifted author. Enjoy the experience!”—StreetScape Magazine

Ann Hazelwood

Ann Hazelwood is a former shop owner and native of St. Charles, Missouri. She's always adored quilting and is a certified quilt appraiser. She's the author of the wildly successful Colebridge Community series and considers writing one of her greatest passions. Titles include: Colebridge Community series - The Basement Quilt, The Potting Shed Quilt, The Funeral Parlor Quilt, The Jane Austen Quilt Club, The Ghostly Quilts on Main, Quilted Lilies, A Colebridge Quilted Christmas. She has also published the Wine Country Quilt Series, East Perry County series and is now writing the Door County Quilt series.

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