This image is the cover for the book A Tale of Research: A Novice Exploring the World of Scientific Research

A Tale of Research: A Novice Exploring the World of Scientific Research

Have you ever wondered how we can trust the knowledge and science that we read in books or online? How can we get to know something for ourselves besides what others say in their scientific writings? Do you know how to do a scientific research to obtain knowledge for yourself? Familiarising students with the basics of research methods can have a great role in their learning. They will learn that they can find answers to many problems of everyday life with research. The young generations should not easily ignore their observations because observation is the basis of getting information, and information is the basis of rational decision-making. They must understand that ‘absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence’. This story seeks to explain scientific research to young adults with the style of theatrical plays. It explains the basis of scientific research methods and how to do a research in a very simple and clear language. It is about a family with an educated mother. She tries to help her children in discovering the world of research and guides them in their path to become capable to acquire original knowledge for themselves. It is a new way of addressing science with art and literature. We hope you enjoy reading it while discovering the world of research!

Seyed Hassan Saneii

SEYED HASSAN SANEII He was born in 1957. He has a Ph.D. in medical statistics from University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom. He enjoys teaching statistics and research methods to the young generation. Hence, he has been the writer and translator of more than 20 books about these subjects in Persian (Farsi). He is currently an academic member of Iran University of Medical Sciences in Tehran. He enjoys reading scientific books, simplifying research methods for all and watching scientific TV programmes. MUHAMMED HUSSEIN MOUSAVINASAB He is a professional of intercultural communication and a skilled scientific researcher. He has work experience in both scientific and artistic domains. With more than 8 years of experience in the media industry and 14 years of experience as an author, translator and editor, he seeks to make knowledge easier to understand for the public and professionals. He enjoys reading and writing all sorts of books. He is fond of television, cinema and theatre, listening to music and playing sports. Right now, he is a Ph.D. candidate of translatology (translation studies) at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris.

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