This image is the cover for the book Visitor's Guide to Shakespeare's London, A Visitor's Guide

Visitor's Guide to Shakespeare's London, A Visitor's Guide

A fresh and colorful look at Shakespeare’s London published on the 400th anniversary of the playwright’s death.

In A Visitor’s Guide to Shakespeare’s London, readers can explore the streets of Shakespeare’s London and see the sights he saw, while learning how people ate, drank, misbehaved, and had fun. You will discover what it was like to be a tourist in the sixteenth century from the voices of people who came to London during Shakespeare’s day. You will travel with them to the major tourist sights and will learn how to get about, where to stay and what to eat and drink. You will visit the royal palaces, London’s famous gardens, the Tower of London and Old St Paul’s Cathedral. You will discover the pleasure of London’s theaters, the sports people played and the shopping they enjoyed. As now, London was famous as a shopping destination. But beware, London is full of people who will pick your pockets or trick you out of your money and you are constantly at risk from the plague or even the polluted water supply. Most of the London Shakespeare knew has been destroyed by fire, war and developers, but a surprising number of buildings and places he knew still survive. The book contains guided tours that allow you to sample the atmosphere and see the sights Tudor tourists enjoyed. This title will appeal to Shakespeare lovers, social history fans, fiction and drama lovers, students, and anyone with an interest in this fascinating era of London’s history.

David Thomas

David A. Thomas is the former director of technology at the National Archives, where he was responsible for systems, the online catalogue, the website and the preservation of digital records. He has a long-standing interest in crime, imprisonment, and poverty, and has written extensively on these topics for family history magazines. He is the author of Beggars Cheats and Forgers: A History of Frauds Through the Ages (Pen & Sword, 2014).

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