This image is the cover for the book Power Coupling

Power Coupling

An experienced partnership coach takes readers on a journey from practical tools for balancing life and love to discovering their inner power and passion.

Katherine McClelland has spent decades coaching individuals and couples toward living the lives of their dreams. Now, in Power Coupling, she shares a step-by-step guide to help readers bring balance to their personal and professional lives while igniting their inner passions. These tools and ideas help readers get in touch with their true sources of power, so they can derive strength from their partnerships even in times of strain or crisis.
Within Power Coupling, readers learn: The 3 critical principles successful people use to make their efforts powerful and efficientStrategies for patient and kind communication in any role or settingHow to focus on one area of life at a time while staying connected to all the things that matter mostAnd so much more!

Katherine McClelland

Morgan James Publishing