This image is the cover for the book Demon Hunters of Kitty Cat Café

Demon Hunters of Kitty Cat Café

Miss Nakamura’s Kitty Cat Café in downtown Neo Tokyo provides a unique service. The hostesses who serve tea routinely strip down to nothing but cat ears and a tail to entertain their female clients. But that's just their day job. Behind the scenes, they also use their supernatural abilities to protect the city from ancient demons thought to exist only in folklore.

When new girl Kaiya joins the team, she's unaware of anything more than the serious crush she’s developing on Miss Nakamura’s daughter Ayumi. But soon the demons come calling, forcing Kaiya, Ayumi, and the other warrior hostesses into action. Will Kaiya find her power? Will she get her girl?

Demon Hunters of Kitty Cat Café is a fast-paced, girl power, fantasy adventure in the style of near future, supernatural, manga and anime, against a tender backdrop of a budding lesbian love story. If you like fantasy adventure tales, but think they need more lesbians, Demon Hunters of Kitty Cat Café is the story for you.

Davina Lee