This image is the cover for the book Rubicon, The Spy-fi 'Timberwolf' Series

Rubicon, The Spy-fi 'Timberwolf' Series

A civil war simmers, alien threats are on the rise, and an angry clone plots the destruction of the entire human race –and again it’s Timberwolf Velez at the center of all the action!As Dr. Tier’s Department of Peace Enforcement and the Assault Corps square off, there’s a hidden plot in motion. A reborn Emmanuel Gray has been dispatched by a mysterious master to wake The Symmetry – an ancient force that knows nothing but obliteration. Timberwolf has to hunt Gray across fantastical alien worlds, deal with the most dangerous enemy the human race has ever known and rescue the only person he cares about in the entire galaxy.

Tom Julian

Tom Julian works days at pharmaceutical company, helping to support cancer research, and nights and weekends as an author. He enjoys traveling, long-distance cycling, and waking up early to brew the perfect cup of coffee. He’s an unabashed beer snob and native of Trenton, New Jersey. Tom works hard to create cinematic experiences for the page. He is the father of Astur and Liam and husband to the lovely Brenda-Lea. Favorite movie/book/food = O Brother, Where Art Thou?/The Sirens of Titan/Trenton-style tomato pie.

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