This image is the cover for the book Life Lessons from the Bad Rabbit

Life Lessons from the Bad Rabbit

The Bad Rabbit and his friends impart universal truths and simple wisdom on how to live one's life for children and their parents. These are individually presented through situations the Bad Rabbit and his friends find themselves in, which in turn can be humorous, loving, scary or profound. Although the Rabbit and his closest Rabbit confidants can be mischievous or downright naughty, there is always the constant thread of love and loyalty across all the friends. As we know, life can get a little bit too serious without a healthy dose of humour and the ability to laugh at ourselves.

Alexander George

Alexander George is a Glaswegian and has recently settled back into the city of his youth after more than 20 years in Cape Town. He is married and has a young daughter, Islay, who was the inspiration behind the Bad Rabbit. The drawings were originally conceived as part of a ritual of producing 'love letters' to place into his daughter's schoolbag. This practice has continued to this day.

Austin Macauley Publishers