This image is the cover for the book Fly Away with Me

Fly Away with Me

This intriguing story begins with Matt and Angelica waking on the first morning of a holiday in a foreign country in a romantic setting. The backdrop is that they haven’t been lovers for long, but Angelica had already booked her trip before they became involved and he decides to tag along at the last minute. The story follows their journey through the various countries they travel to, their adventures, dramas and romance along the way. In particular, the intimate times shared between this highly sensually connected couple, presented in a very detailed descriptive way that draws vivid images for the reader. Since the couple did not know each other very well before embarking on the trip, the story tracks their growing relationship in discovery and experiences they introduce each other to along the way. And it’s not all fun and games!

Andy Peters

Andy Peters lives in Adelaide, Australia, the capital city of South Australia. She has travelled extensively, always to hike, run or ski with a little site-seeing blended in. She has been writing short stories for several years for friends. She took time out from her corporate job to write a book she was repeatedly encouraged to do by those who read her short stories. She describes the experience of writing this, her first novel, as a lot of fun and a labour of love.

Austin Macauley Publishers