This image is the cover for the book Butcher of Berner Street

Butcher of Berner Street

“Reeve’s outstanding third Victorian mystery featuring journalist Leo Stanhope . . . Reeve never makes the amateur sleuthing less than plausible.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Cold-hearted murder.” That’s what was promised in the anonymous note, and Leo can’t resist. He may be a working journalist at last, but it’s a precarious gig, and a good story could bring in the readers. What he finds on Berner Street, though, is a dead body that isn’t, not to mention a lady wrestler who’s quite a bit more. The crowd is angry: They like things cut and dried. But Leo knows all about things that are one thing and also another. He’s got a secret himself, and if he’s found out, an angry crowd will be the least of his worries. This is Queen Victoria’s London, and the courts are not kind to young men who are . . . quite a bit more.

“Intriguing and vivid, an excellent addition to a wonderful series” —The Guardian

“As entertaining a historical mystery as I’ve read this year” —NB Magazine, UK

“Reeve weaves a strong storyline built on the twin foundations of good characterisation and impeccable research. Victorian London comes alive in his hands. It’s dark, dirty, smelly and threatening. It’s also endlessly fascinating.” —Crime Review

Alex Reeve

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