This image is the cover for the book The SIS Football Rookie Handbook 2019

The SIS Football Rookie Handbook 2019

One of the biggest factors in football is the large number of rookies who come into the NFL each year from literally hundreds of colleges and universities, where they play a relatively few games over a limited number of years before being drafted for the pros. Yet many of these young players end up in starting and even starring roles in their first year. Where are avid fans to look for real information on the rookies who may play for their team—or those of their hated rivals—in the upcoming season? The answer to that question is in your hands. Here you will find the very best updated info on over 250 players who may be drafted or signed as free agent rookies in 2019.

Sports Info Solutions, Matt Manocherian

Sports Info Solutions provides the most accurate data in a timely manner using state-of-the-art technology. The commitment to service, customization, and customer support has allowed SIS to remain at the forefront of the sports data industry. We service teams, agents, companies, and fans. SIS captures statistical snapshots of every on-field event. This produces an exhaustive database that includes traditional statistics and advanced analysis. SIS has leveraged this database to assemble extensive pitch-charting and defensive data as well as producing ground-breaking metrics such as Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) or Independent Quarterback Rating (IQR).

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