This image is the cover for the book Master of the World, Book 7

Master of the World, Book 7

The young Ye Xing emerged from a deserted border city. After years of hard training, he finally awakened his blood. He excitedly told his father about this, but his father did not agree with him to continue to learn martial arts, the two broke up in conflict, and Ye Xing left the house.After leaving the house, Ye Xing decided to cultivate his own military force, hoping that one day his father would change his mind. What he didn't know was that this road was more difficult than he thought.☆About the Author☆Kong Shen, a well-known online novelist, he has authored many novels, most of which are fantasy styles. His novels are excellent and have gained a large number of fans with his interesting storyline.

Kong Shen, Babel Novel