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‘The Seminar’ is a fiction novel narrated by a cynical out of work aspiring actress recalling her mysterious epoch mesmerizing journey, all of which happens in one spectacular weekend. Every turn she takes, even outside of the seminar room, becomes more surreal than the last. She meets a physically and financially broken down man who somehow intrigues her. His past seminar experiences help guide her through the conceptual complexities and the jargon of the seminar but unusual powers he displays confound her and unravel with spiraling twists. It is of little wonder why the three hundred and fifty people would attend a free weekend seminar titled ‘50 Passageways To Riches’ in an era of global recessions, depressions, down turned economies, high unemployment, and world hunger. There is a dichotomy though where people still have the dreams and the urges to become successful entrepreneurs when the global mindset has been instilled with such low confidence. ‘The Seminar’ provides far more than just fifty passageways to riches. Mentors, gurus, seminar leaders, provocative and prolific teachers present themselves throughout the entire weekend providing insight that not only she witnesses, but the reader may also get what is commonly found in a seminar experience. That would be what addresses the positive elicited changes in the essence of the psyche, the consciousness, or perhaps self-perception, all of which are capable of transforming even the unemployed layman into a successful entrepreneur. Anyone who has never experienced attending a seminar on any form of personal achievement, which can cost, and be worth, thousands of dollars, can get a good feel of one here. Anyone who has experienced such a seminar will find this one quite unique and very special. The author has been attending seminars since the 1960’s on a wide spectrum of subjects, many of which he covers in the ‘Passageways to Riches,’ while telling a unique mysterious love story within, ‘The Seminar’.

Reuven Bryer

Reuven Bryer is the youngest of three sons whose father was a Rabbi, physicist, jeweler, watchmaker, metaphysicist, and writer of books on 'Powder Metallurgy', 'Carbide Tips', 'Pragmatic Mysticism', and 'A Rabbi's Interpretation of Metaphysics.'His distant uncle was the founder of the Periodic Chart of Elements, Isaac Mendeleev.Reuven, at the age of 8 , wrote a book on the Human Eye. He has also written promotional copy for several Rock and Blues bands in New York. He has been a musician since he was a child and occasionally plays R&B, Blues, Rock, Classical, and Jug Band music. Reuven was a vocalist and conductor in a Southern Baptist Church choir in Northern California. He was a music and philosophy major in Southern California. He has been a builder in the construction industry working in six different decades. He is a member of the AIA and a former member of the USGBC. He has lectured on Basic Green Building Technology incorporating Holism to architects and engineers with a goal of extending and raising the quality of life here on this planet. Reuven was a full time student at a Chassidic Rabbinical Seminary in Brooklyn New York for six years. He has taught Sunday school and Bible study incorporating Chassidic and Kabalistic philosophies. He is a volunteer animal abuse investigator for the Humane Society of Louisiana. Currently, he is also a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. He is the father of three; Heather, Kristen, Marcus, and the grandfather of Riley Star.

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