This image is the cover for the book Little Death

Little Death

"What if she is not dead and she should remember who she is?" The older man stopped, barely able to support his own frame at the mere idea, he placed a trembling hand on her shoulder, "If that happens," he said, "pray she is not who we think she is." Who sends a seemingly mute child with a bomb as a gift for a tyrant? To what extremes will The Brotherhood, and the dreaded Sisters of Vengeance go in order to achieve their ends? Who are The Children of Summer? Will they decide the fate of the world, and everyone in it? Or will a mysterious girl known as Little Death?

Simon Murtagh

Simon Murtagh, born in Kent, England, is a first-time author. He is passionate about political, social and economic issues. When he is not painting or writing, he enjoys a good tale, movies, food, drink and good company. He now lives with his wife, Karen, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

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