This image is the cover for the book East Texas Logging Railroads, Images of Rail

East Texas Logging Railroads, Images of Rail

When the first logging railroad was built in Jasper County in the 1870s, the virgin East Texas forest spread across a vast area the size of Indiana. That first eight-mile logging line heralded a boom era of lumbering and railroading that would last well into the 20th century. Before the era was over, thousands of miles of logging railroads would be built, and hundreds of communities would spring up along their routes. As times changed, the mills closed and nearly all of the early rail lines were abandoned, but most of the communities they helped establish survived those changes and thrive into the present day.

Murry Hammond

Murry Hammond has spent his life preserving the transportation and industrial history of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. He established the Texas Transportation Archive website as a means of sharing his private collection of photographs, maps, and other items of interest. He has also been a professional musician for 30 years, performing with Texas music legends Old 97's. The images in Images of Rail: East Texas Logging Railroads were gathered from his own collection, various private collectors, libraries, and special archives across East Texas, to whom the author extends a very grateful thanks.

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