This image is the cover for the book An Antietam Veteran's Montana Journey, Civil War Series

An Antietam Veteran's Montana Journey, Civil War Series

In this recently unearthed memoir, Civil War veteran James Howard Lowell offers a firsthand account of his brutal journey west on a wagon train attacked by Indian Dog Soldiers. The Boston Yank staggers snow blind through a Laramie Plains blizzard to reach Salt Lake City, where he meets Brigham Young. In Montana, he joins an old forty-niner to work a mining claim, practices "tomahawk jurisprudence" in Fort Benton and builds a mackinaw to head downriver through Deadman Rapids to trade with the Crow and Gros Ventre tribes. Lowell's great-great-granddaughter edits this tale populated with colorful characters, narrow escapes and important historical events, such as the Baker Massacre. It features Lowell's letters to his sweetheart and Civil War correspondence.

Katharine Seaton Squires, Ken Robison, Castle McLaughlin PhD

Katharine Seaton Squires's primary career was in the news business, first as an on-air reporter and then as a writer-producer for CBS News, CBS Sports, NBC Sports and CNBC. She worked on three Olympic Games as a writer and producer. She holds a BA in art and English from Rutgers University, Douglass College, and an MA from the University of Missouri Graduate School in journalism. Squires's rescue of Lowell's memoir from her mother's dresser drawer in 2012 set into motion a wide-ranging study of the American Civil War and post-Civil War history.

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