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Colonel and I

An insider’s view of Libya’s fallen dictator by the woman who served as his longtime troubleshooter and confidante.

For almost half of Muammar Gaddafi’s forty-two-year reign, Daad Sharab was his trusted confidante—the only outsider to be admitted to his inner circle. Down the years many have written about Gaddafi, but none have been so close.

Now, years after the violent death of “the Colonel,” she gives a unique insight into the character of a man of many contradictions: tyrant, hero, terrorist, freedom fighter, womanizer, father figure. Her account is packed with fascinating anecdotes and revelations that show Gaddafi in a surprising new light. Daad witnessed the ruthlessness of a flawed leader who is blamed for ordering the Lockerbie bombing, and she became the go-between for the only man convicted of the atrocity. She does not seek to sugar-coat Gaddafi’s legacy, preferring readers to judge for themselves, but also observed a hidden, more humane side. The leader was a troubled father and compassionate statesman who kept sight of his humble Bedouin roots, and was capable of great acts of generosity.

The author also pulls no punches about how Western politicians such as Tony Blair, George Bush, and Hillary Clinton shamelessly wooed his oil-rich regime. Despite her warnings the dictator was ultimately consumed by megalomania, and Daad was caught up in his dramatic fall. Falsely accused by Gaddafi’s notorious secret service of being both the Colonel’s mistress and a spy, she faced betrayal and imprisonment—and, caught up in the Arab Spring uprising, she also faced a fight for her life as bombs rained down on Libya.

Daad Sharab

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